E.R. confusion

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E.R. Patients Often Left Confused After Visits


Patient Comprehension of Emergency Department Care and Instructions: Are Patients Aware of When They Do Not Understand?

Annals of Emergency Medicine


元の論文ではED(emergency department)を訪れた患者に(1) diagnosis and cause; (2) ED care; (3) post-ED care, and (4) return instructions (their diagnosis, their E.R. treatment, instructions for their at-home care and warning signs of when to return to the hospital.)の4つの質問をしてそれぞれ正しく理解して実行できたかを調べます。



Everything is exaggerated in the emergency department. Doctors are harried, they have little time to go over complicated information and they do not know the patients. Most patients are anxious, upset and not likely to be thinking clearly


患者のhealth illiteracy


He recommends that hospitals coach patients on self-management skills before discharge. Patients need to ask questions, he said. Hospitals should make follow-up calls and visits to patients, a costly endeavor but potentially less expensive than getting reduced Medicare payments if readmission rates are high.


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