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PLoS ONEというonline journalがあって以下のような原則に基づいて論文の掲載が決まるということになっています。

* It does not restrict itself to a specific scientific area. This might facilitate publication of research on topics off or between common science categories, while at the same time making it more difficult to browse the contents.
* It does not use presumed importance of a paper as a criterion for rejection. Instead, PLoS ONE only verifies whether experiments were conducted rigorously and astutely and will publish any paper where this is the case. This will facilitate publication of topics not commonly assumed to be important, while it will make it more difficult to search for important papers on PLoS ONE. This might be alleviated by allowing the readers to rate and comment on papers after publication, thus highlighting the item. This policy is likely to produce a low impact factor of PLoS ONE compared to other PLoS journals once assigned.
* Being an online-only publication allows PLoS ONE to publish more papers than a journal that prints a weekly or monthly issue. This again increased the ease of publishing while it makes screening papers on PLoS ONE more difficult due to sheer total number of publications.


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